How to Get Ash Brown Hair ( 6 STEPS ).

If you are preparing on dyeing your hair ash brown, here are various things that you need to do to ensure that you achieve the color that you want and avoid ending up with color you never wanted. Some people try to get their hair brown but they fail because they do it the wrong way. For you to get it right, you must tone your hair after bleaching. You can decide to visit a hair professional salon or do it yourself. Below are steps on how to get ash brown hair. 

# Step 1

Before your color your hair, you should make sure your normal hair is in good condition. You better wait for days or some weeks if you have lately straightened your hair. This is because if you fail to give your hair enough time to recover, you will actually damaging your hair.

# Step 2

After ensuring the hair that you would like to dye is in good condition and can be dyed, get a pre lightener. If you have a short hair you only need one pre-lightener, otherwise you need two packages. Remember, pre-lightener is not made to color your hair. It is actually used to lighten your hair or to get rid of any previous color that you might you may have on your hair. It guaranteed that your hair is in situation for the new dye that you may wish to apply.

# Step 3  

Now purchase the ash brown dye. You will come across different types of ash brown hair. It is therefore important to make your selections carefully. If you go for a wrong and cheap brand, you may end up hurting your good hair. If you are not sure about the shades, go with an expert hair specialist who can advise you on the best type of ash brown hair. You are also recommended to read several customer reviews so that you can get the finest product for your hair.

# Step 4

The process of applying ash brown is not as clean as some people may think. In fact it is very messy one. You are therefore advised not to use your new clothes to avoid affecting your clothes with the dye.

# Step 5 

Now begin applying the pre lightener on your hair. This is preparing your hair for the application of the ash brown hair dye. You are advised to make sure you cover each and every part of your hair evenly. This is because uneven covering will actually give uneven coloring later. Therefore make sure you read all the instructions or the information on the package of the prelightener to ensure you are using the kit properly.

# Step 6

Now wait for some minutes before washing or rinsing your hair. The recommended waiting time should not be less than 45 minutes. This is to ensure the dye totally relaxes on your hair. Once the waiting period is over, rinse the hair thoroughly.

Choosing the right color is very important. If you are not sure, use a hair colorist to assist you. It is also good to take precautions before swimming with colored hair. Hair coloring is fun; just ensure you follow those important steps.

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  1. Melesia says:

    I have lightened my hair to blonde. I would like to go ash brown as I find blonde is high maintenance. Where to from here. I stay in South Africa, which home ash brown colours do you recommend. Thanks

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