How to Dye the Natural Hair to Brown Hair.

How to Dye the Natural Hair to Brown Hair.

How to Dye the Natural Hair to Brown Hair.

Changing your hair looks makes life more interesting. You can do so by changing your hair color. Dying your natural hair to ash brown hair will definitely give you a new classy look. However, you have to choose the right dye and use the right procedure for you to achieve the expected results. In other words, you have to prepare yourself well with the right requirements.

The first step involves understanding various types of dyes for you to choose the one which best suits your needs. It is important to carry out a patch test on your skin surface in order to ensure that none of the chemical in the dyes can cause allergy.

There are two types of dyes namely; permanent dyes and semi-permanent dyes or vegetable dyes. Permanent dyes have oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide and alkalizing agent like ammonia. They work by lifting hair shaft cuticle to ensure effective color penetration beneath the head surface. This explains why your hair may feel dry after application of permanent dyes. Semi-permanent dyes are comparably gentler since they hardly lift the hair shaft cuticle. They just stay on top of your hair layer.

The semi-permanent types last for approximately 6 weeks but it all depends with how often you wash your ash brown hair. Vegetable dyes are prepared from natural ingredients and are like henna.

It is a known fact that brown colors suit almost all skin types but you can achieve different looks by choosing a specific shade. The unique color produced after dying you hair is as a result of interaction between your specific color and your chosen dye’s color. To choose ash brown hair color, you must have considered your skin tone.
This shade of brown works best for cool skin with yellow undertones, medium cool skin with pink undertones. Your dyed brown hair will also look good on you if you have brown complexion featuring ruddy, pink or brown undertones. It will also be a good choice for pale, freckled complexion type with peach or golden undertones. For best results, conduct a strand test.

Having chosen ash brown hair dye because it matches your skin tone, the next step involves choosing dye application method. It is recommendable for you to have a professional or stylist around for guidance while you apply the dye especially if it’s your first application. Better still, you can let the expert do the job especially if you choose the permanent dye type. During the subsequent procedures, you may decide to dye your hair yourself.

If your natural hair is dark, choose a shade lighter than ash brown so that even if some color come out as you wash your hair after application, you will still achieve the desired results. If you go for permanent type of dyes, you will notice that little amount of it comes out but with semi-permanent ones, a little more amount come out.

Semi-permanent type of dyes work by staining your hair. They can too stain any other surface they come into contact with. It is therefore wise to cover your skin, ears, hairline with a barrier such as Vaseline to avoid staining when you are conduction application process.

Most dyes are available as pastes or creams. Apply the paste or cream to your hair as per the box’s instructions or your hair dresser’s instructions. At the end of it all, your hair will look well-conditioned, more vibrant and thicker.

Most instructions are more or less as explained below:

– Brush your hair well to detangle it

– Put on your latex gloves and mix the brown dye into the applicator bottle or bowl

– Apply the dye as per the instructions on the box.

– Leave the dye on until the indicated time is up.

– Rinse the hair well with warm water and add some hair conditioner

– Dry it well and style it.

Remember drying your hair with a towel destroys it. Use a t-shirt or another cloth with a similar cotton material to dry it. If you are carrying out a strand test, in step 3, apply the dye to a few strands of hair at the back of your head. Take caution so as not to dye the rest of the hair by using a clip for separation purposes. Once you are done, observe the dyed strands under different lights to be sure that you have achieved the ash brown hair color you wanted.

Dyes may damage your hair if you do not take care of it. Some of the care measures you can take include: finding a shampoo for dye-treated hair, protecting it from sun exposure and using specially formulated conditioner.

In conclusion, in order to have a stunning look by wearing ash brown hair, you need to pay attention to choosing the best type of dye, considering your skin type, following instructions from the package or from a professional hair dresser and taking good extra care for your dyed ash brown hair.

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