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How to Get Ash Brown Hair ( 6 STEPS ).

If you are preparing on dyeing your hair ash brown, here are various things that you need to do to ensure that you achieve the color that you want...

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon Juice

Whether you’re just looking for some highlights while you’re hanging out in the sun, or want to lighten your overall color, lemon is a great,...

How To Style Curly Hair - QUICK STEPS -

This the best and only way to style curly hair when I want really to wear it out...check out right NOW...

Friday, August 28, 2015

How To Lighten hair with Lemon Juice

Whether you’re just looking for some highlights while you’re hanging out in the sun, or want to lighten your overall color, lemon is a great, easy, natural way. Even better, it’s super cheap, and great for summer.
This is a beauty tip my mom taught me a long, long time ago when I was barely a teen, and I used to do it a lot – it’s perfect for summer.
Grab a lemon or two. Depending how much you want to lighten or how long your hair is, grab as many lemons as you think you will need. Usually one lemon will be enough, unless you have super long hair.

Cut it in half. If you’re just doing simple highlights, your work here is done – now, use that half cut lemon and rub it on the crown area of your hair, making such to get as much lemon juice out as possible. Now skip to #5.
Squeeze the juice. If you’re looking for overall color, after cutting the lemons in half, squeeze the juice out and into a cup.
Grab a tool of your choice. This can be a hairbrush, a wide-tooth comb, a toothbrush, a mascara wand (make sure it’s clean, obviously). Dip it into the juice. Apply it on your hair until all your hair is soaked with lemon juice.
Lastly, find some sun! The juice will only work with sunshine, so get out there and make sure your hair gets some sun. The longer your hair is in the sun, the lighter it will get, although 20 minutes is more than enough to get a little bit of difference.

Don’t let the lemon juice stay on your hair for too long (it will dry it out and can damage it) and don’t get it in your eyes or too close to your scalp either, it will sting!
The method above will lighten your hair by perhaps half a shade – yes, it’s a small difference, but that’s why it looks so natural. If you want to keep going lighter and lighter, do this several times.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How To Style Curly Hair - QUIK STEPS-


This the best and only way to style curly hair when I want really to wear it out.
1- Wash your hair first

2- Use a conditioning remedy, or leave your conditioner on for three-5 minutes. Use a extensive tooth comb or tangle teezer to take away any knots. This is the ultimate time you will comb your hair. Comb gently, as wet hair is greater at risk of breakages

3- Rinse your shampoo and conditioner very well.

4- Turn your head upside-down, and lightly shake your hair to let the curls form their herbal form. I use my fingertips on my scalp to boost my hair and permit the curls take shape.
5- Rub your hair with a towel is absolutely prohibited I squeeze the water out instead of rubbing my hair and breaking up the curls. A microfiber towel,
or t-shirt is even higher as they may be smoother for your hair.
6- Apply a curl cream or mousse. I used Aveda Be Curly fashion Prep and Curl Enhancer. Observe the fashion Prep first, then the curl Enhancer which has a creamy texture.
7- Use a diffuser to dry your hair to approximately eighty% dry. You can let your hair dry clearly, but a diffuser is faster and gives more quantity. I used the Anthony Nader WAHL dryer to dry my hair with my head the wrong way up. Then I turn my hair again, and check how it’s sitting. I normally restyle the the front and partline, then let or not it's.
8- As a final touch you could use a serum or wax to add greater definition for your curls. I used O&M Frizzy Logicin the ends of my curls. I also love Aveda pure Abundance Styling Potion sprinkled on my roots to add extent.

ash brown hair

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair

The best important thing of styling a short hair is an expert hair cut , Once you cut your hair ,then you must using some of magical styling products and tools , it’s help you to change your look on a whim.

You will be able to change your style everytime , you can get Poker straight hair when you go work in the morning , Tight glossy curls style in the evening ,also you can get bedhead look or bob style.

ash brown hair                                                               

Are you searching for your dream Hair style ? do you looking for how to style short hair with Hair Styling product such as styling gel , pomade , curl control products or more ….? Think a moment , you don’t need all of this products , you choose one of them that helps you to get the best hair style that you want.

# How to style short hair : Hair Accessories

Your life becomes awesome , and looking gorgeous with your short hair style , les blow drying and for some hair cuts it’s not complicated to maintain.

But then after the excitement has gone of having a new short hair do, a slight feeling of despair appears, and this is purely down to the monotonous look the individual is nurturing. A simple option is dress it up.

# How to style short hair : Combs and brushes

You will be able to choose your hair bruches based on your personal choice such as length of your hair ,type , style , color…because it’s allows you to move your hair where you want anytime with a good brush.

Soft thin a longer bristle is recommended and it’s more suitable for your hair Brushes with longer bristle it’s gives you a strong hair and gives you also natural oil
At the end , if you want seriously know how to style short hair without any risk a keep your hair in TOP , you must see an HAIR EXPERT.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ever Dreamt of Ash Brown Hair Color Look? Consider Ash Brown Hair Color Liese.

If you want your hair to acquire a different look, consider using ash brown hair color liese. It is mostly preferred for its effectiveness on both short and long hair. In fact, it works 4x better. It is creamier and wraps around each strand. The following are more pros as well as few cons associated with it.

Ash Brown Hair Color Liese

Easy to apply - This product is very easy to use even in your bathroom. It is a soft foaming solution which creates uniformly shiny tresses when the color solution is evenly applied to coat the hair completely. With it, you do not have to form different hair sections as the foam reaches every part of your head. It also effectively gets rid of hair roots.
Gentle on hair – Like already stated, it is a soft hair color solution made from safe ingredients including loyol jelly and amino acids. They are carefully selected for the purposes of hair nurturing and hair breakage prevention. The ingredients also help to keep your hair moist unlike other hair coloring products which usually leave the treated hair dry and dull.
Noticeable ash brown hair color – After careful application as per the directions on the pack, you will notice that your treated hair is left shinier, healthier and softer.
Includes hair conditioner – When you buy the ash brown hair color liese, you will find a conditioner in the box so you will not need to spend extra money.
Affordable – Most brands of ash brown hair color liese are cheap. They will usually cost you between 10$ - 20$.

As most products, it has both its positive side which as stated above and a negative side. The negatives are:

Unpleasant smell - The smell of hair color liese is not so pleasant but it works on your hair to give you the perfect ash brown hair color you wish. Anyway, none of hair color treatments smell so pleasantly. Putting up with the unpleasant smell is therefore advised as long as the end results are worth the little trouble.
A little hard to find - This wonderful product is in most cases found online or in few brick and mortar stores.
May lasts for short period - Applying hair color is one of the temporary ways of acquiring an ash brown hair look. Unfortunately, the look lasts for approximately 3 weeks. If you liked the new ash brown look, you may consider using permanent color treatment procedures.

The box usually contains bottle of ash brown solution, a sachet of hair treatment pack, bottle solution container, a pair of gloves, big English instruction sheet, skin allergic test pad and a foam pump.

Basically the application process involve, putting on the gloves, mixing the two solutions, using the foam pump to dispense foam bubble, applying the soft form bubble evenly on your hair and massaging it. Let the foam sit on your head on the directed time before rinsing it off.

You will most definitely have fun in the application process as the foamy bubble is user-friendly. Your hair will finally look outstandingly shiny and the richness of the ash brown color will be real.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Get Ash Brown Hair ( 6 STEPS ).

ash brown hair

If you are preparing on dyeing your hair ash brown, here are various things that you need to do to ensure that you achieve the color that you want and avoid ending up with color you never wanted. Some people try to get their hair brown but they fail because they do it the wrong way. For you to get it right, you must tone your hair after bleaching. You can decide to visit a hair professional salon or do it yourself. Below are steps on how to get ash brown hair. 
 # Step 1
Before your color your hair, you should make sure your normal hair is in good condition. You better wait for days or some weeks if you have lately straightened your hair. This is because if you fail to give your hair enough time to recover, you will actually damaging your hair. 

# Step 2

After ensuring the hair that you would like to dye is in good condition and can be dyed, get a pre lightener. If you have a short hair you only need one pre-lightener, otherwise you need two packages. Remember, pre-lightener is not made to color your hair. It is actually used to lighten your hair or to get rid of any previous color that you might you may have on your hair. It guaranteed that your hair is in situation for the new dye that you may wish to apply. 

 # Step 3  

Now purchase the ash brown dye. You will come across different types of ash brown hair. It is therefore important to make your selections carefully. If you go for a wrong and cheap brand, you may end up hurting your good hair. If you are not sure about the shades, go with an expert hair specialist who can advise you on the best type of ash brown hair. You are also recommended to read several customer reviews so that you can get the finest product for your hair.

# Step 4

The process of applying ash brown is not as clean as some people may think. In fact it is very messy one. You are therefore advised not to use your new clothes to avoid affecting your clothes with the dye. 

# Step 5 

Now begin applying the pre lightener on your hair. This is preparing your hair for the application of the ash brown hair dye. You are advised to make sure you cover each and every part of your hair evenly. This is because uneven covering will actually give uneven coloring later. Therefore make sure you read all the instructions or the information on the package of the prelightener to ensure you are using the kit properly. 

# Step 6

Now wait for some minutes before washing or rinsing your hair. The recommended waiting time should not be less than 45 minutes. This is to ensure the dye totally relaxes on your hair. Once the waiting period is over, rinse the hair thoroughly. 

Choosing the right color is very important. If you are not sure, use a hair colorist to assist you. It is also good to take precautions before swimming with colored hair. Hair coloring is fun; just ensure you follow those important steps. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Top Ash Brown Hair Dye – Light, Dark and Medium.

ash brown hair
Top Ash Brown Hair Dying

Just as there are different shades of brown, there are various ash brown hair dying products. This post aims at offering insight about the top brands for the shades which include dark, medium and light-shade ash brown hair.

In most cases, when you dye your hair with brown hair dye, it may feature red, orange or gold tones due to the following reasons:

The first one is sunshine effect. When your treated hair is exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun, the color fades away so you should find ways of protecting your dyed hair with recommended sunscreens or you can even wear a protective hat.

The second one is exposure to water which is chlorine-treated. Because Chlorine is a bleaching agent, it bleaches your hair whenever it comes into contact with it during swimming, bathing and washing it hence changing its hair color. A good measure would be to use a bathing cap during swimming or when taking showers.

The third one is use of harsh hair care products. Such products may be shampoos or others used for adding volume. They remove the color and hence leave golden or red color tones. The top ash brown hair products are ash dyes, toners and shampoos for neutralizing the tones of red, gold and sometimes orange.

#1 - Top Ash Brown Hair Dye

Top Ash Brown Hair Dye

A top ash brown hair dying color that removes these color tones is the one that balances the green blue hues such that they are not visible. Use the permanent type of ash brown shade with violet and blue bases for you to achieve neutral ash brown hair. Buy the correct shade of ash brown because a dark one produces dark brown hair. The top most / best dye is the one that deals with red toned hair.

Some of the top brands are Perfect 10 Nice n Easy-Hair Dye by Clairol. It is a permanent dye, easy to apply and produces a shiny reflection within a very short application time. The package comes with activating cream, color crème, applicator tip and a conditioner. Remember to take precaution because like most dyes it stains any place it comes into contact with.

#3 - Top Light-shade Ash Brown Hair Dye
Top Light-shade Ash Brown Hair Dying Products This shade is specifically designed to act as a neutralizer for any hair brassiness resulting from previous color treating. It tones down the reddish, orange and golden tones. A top light-shade ash brown hair dying color brand is and is Nice-N-Easy –Hair-Color-Non-Permanent light Ash Brown 75. It prevents your hair from fading and therefore your desired color remains as you first intended it to look. Its price is also pocket-friendly.

Another top brand is L Oreal-Paris-Superior-Preference-Hair-Color-6A-light-ash which is the permanent dying product. It leaves your hair looking vibrant, silky and soft. The conditioner in the product makes your hair glow or shine. It has vitamin E; an ingredient which once it joins with UV filter nourishes your hair for it to be long lasting and healthy. This product is good for dark, blonde or brown hair and even any type of hair. A complete package contains all the required contents for a thorough application process.

#4 - Top Dark-shade Ash Brown Hair Dye

Top Dark-shade Ash Brown Hair Dye

Top Dark-shade Ash Brown Hair Dying Products Most dyes are made with peroxide which is a bleaching agent. It may therefore leave your hair with ugly brassiness and red color tones. 

Dark-shade ash brown dying products can be effective in reversing these effects. Some of the these top dying products are L Oreal-Paris-Excellence-Triple-Protection-Color-Crème with Pro-keratine Complex. The former comes with dye, developer and hair conditioner, applicator comb, protective pre-color serum and gloves. The latter is a permanent dye offering maximum hair protection. It is suitable for coloring grey hair as it provides rich and radiant appearance. Both of them give you your desired ash brown neutral look. 

#5 - Medium-shade Ash Brown Hair

Medium-shade Ash Brown Hair Dye

Medium-shade Ash Brown Hair Dying Products This product is perfect for adding a layer on light brown hair. It removes the reddish, gold and orange color tones in a big way. If you had previously dyed your hair black or dark brown you may need to use a color stripping agent before treating your hair with medium ash brown dying product.

The top brands are: L Oreal-Paris-Preference-Permanent-Hair-Dye-Medium-Ash-Brown Medium-5A, Nice-Easy- Hair- Color-Med-Ash-Brown-117A and Nice-N-Easy-by-Loving-Care-77-Medium-Ash-Brown-by Clairol and John-Frieda-Precision-Foam-Color-Permanent-Hair - Dye-Medium-Ash-Brown-5A. 

When you use the top ash brown hair products brands, you will prove that the ash tone has the capability to act as a neutralizing agent to undesired color tones present. Make sure you follow the instructions properly for top results from top ash brown hair dying products.